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The United Spiritual Council of Nations and Educational Institute (USCN) was founded by Rev. Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D. & co-founded by Rev. Donna J. Fischer in 2001. USCN was organized to bring together individual Societies and Spiritual communities who believe in Spiritual Teaching. Spiritual teachers who teach the Spiritual laws enhances life and promote mutual aid in advancing traditional religious teaching and education. 

The United Spiritual Council of Nations is a community of groups and individuals where all spiritual beliefs and religions can come together for the purpose of sharing their spirituality with one another. It involves learning about other belief systems throughout the world, by uniting together using spiritual workshops, seminars and spiritual worship as a means of teaming and expanding our relationship with our creator. 

The United Spiritual Council of Nations and Educational Institute is a 501(c) 3 and recognized by the federal government as an educational facility for Spiritual and Religious Studies. We apply the laws of nature and believe in the continuation in life after the change we call death. 

The goals for this council are to create an atmosphere of respect, peace and harmony among all beliefs. We need to be aware and understand that the path to God takes many forms and we can all learn from each other. For many people this is a new concept of thinking. All of us come with the conditioning of our own heritage and our own ideas. We accept that we can receive guidance and communicate with the Spirit. 

The spiritual laws apply to every person and thing. It doesn't matter the race, the religion or the person. Spirituality is contained within the heart, not inside a religion. For all great masters have told us "it's what is in a man's heart that counts." For most of us, the journey to the heart can take a lifetime. It is something that you cannot do alone, but no one can do it for you. Through spiritual unfoldment, we each begin to understand in our own unique way. 

It is our purpose to educate the student in the pure essence of Spirituality, which is carried through our innate intelligence. We do this by educating the mind of man and by going within to the heart (or Life Force) of our being. In order to fully understand the Spiritual Laws of God, the student needs to learn experientially how to connect the knowledge of the mind and the innate wisdom of the Spirit. It is our intent to produce programs and learning environments that will not endorse or oppose any belief system in place, but will instead, be tools one can use and apply in the Spiritual Laws to enhance life and promote mutual aid in advancing traditional teachings and education. 


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