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About the Church


Evangelical Spiritual Church is a place of learning for all people. Our Sanctuary is open daily for meditation. There are many classes offered throughout the year for your Spiritual Un-fold-ment needs and cover a variety of subjects.

From the Pastor

As you enter into our sanctuary please be seated and refrain from any unnecessary talking, so you may be able to attune yourself to the spirit of God. As we quiet our mind and body we begin our lessons in listening to the still small voice within, which God uses to speak to all of us. Sometimes we will feel peace and that is God’s way of letting you know of his presence. Many of you will find it hard to settle your mind and body and that’s okay also, for we are used to constantly being busy and to be still can be a difficult adjustment. As you continue to take time just for you and God you will find that somehow or another the spirit of God will touch you in a special way. Remember that the positive mind is a very helpful mind but the quite mind is what God uses to impress us of our path and choices that are uniquely designed for us.   

History of the Church


 The Evangelical Spiritual Church held its first church service on the second Sunday of November of 1934. Under the leadership of Rev. Harry M. Hilborn. Rev. Hilborn was an ordained Minister and received his papers from the Illinois State Spiritualist Association in 1933. He was the youngest ordained minister in the state of Illinois. 

1935 the church was chartered with the Independent Spiritualist Association of the United States of America, Rev. Hilborn passed into the world of spirit in October of 1997 passing the baton to Rev. Mahala D. Bacon. 

In 1975 Rev. Bacon began serving on the Board of Directors of the Church, held various positions and in late 1997 became Pastor and President of the Evangelical Spiritual Church. Rev. Fischer is the associate minister and serves on the board at associate pastor and vice president. 

Today the church continues to open its doors to the community with religious services, workshops, seminars and peer to peer discussion groups. . Our church platform always has been designed to open new doors in our community to service the needs of the people.

Classes of the Church


Spiritual Un-fold-ment involves moving in and out of energy patterns. As we all know energy carries information and all of us to some degree or another are able to interpret these patterns. This class teaches pure energy and the ability to move in and out of these vibrations naturally, gaining the most amount of information from them. 

Meditation is a wonderful way to learn how to center your mind and energy. The art of meditation is listening to what the universe is telling us and to attune ourselves with the oneness of all things. It is a way to learn that there is much yet to be discovered beyond our realm of physical senses.

Healing Classes give you a chance to learn about the healing energy within all of us. You will have the opportunity to learn about centering yourself with the Spirit of God and work with the healing power from our Creator. 

Prayer Circle- this is a group who is interested in sending out Prayers and Love to all mankind. You may request special prayers For yourself or a loved one, when we pray we are actually raising the vibration for all mankind.

No Politics

This church has been chartered by the State of Illinois as a religious organization; and therefore, by law we do not endorse or oppose any state or governmental causes. This is a church of God for all people and may God bless you now and always.


  Customs and Symbolism 

  Symbols from Ancient Times Used in Modern Times - Symbols and customs have so much significance in our lives. Because they are an ingrained part of our lives, most people don't even realize how many symbols they see and experience on a daily basis. All of these symbols have ancient origins but in today's modern society, most of these symbols might have lost their true meaning. 

Approved Study Materials USCN and ISA

The Evangelical Spiritual Church is approved to use and teach the United Spiritual Council of Nations (USCN) education material and the Independent Spiritualist Association of America (ISA) materials for educational purposes as part of the churches spiritual curriculum.  

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