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Mahala's bio

Rev. Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D.


  Mahala is Chicago’s International Spiritual Intuitive, Teacher and Medium

      A Leader in the field of Spiritual Energetics and Paranormal Activities

                  (A branch of science that deals primarily with Spiritual Energy 

                                          and its phases of transformation.)

                                           A SPIRITUAL TEACHER AMONG US  

                                  “Emotions are Simply the Voice of the Spirit.”

CEO - United Spiritual Council of Nations and Pastor at Evangelical Spiritual Church.

Mahala is a graduate of Williams College, and known as a Master Medium/Intuitive; an Adept in Paranormal research and Mystic Tradition.  As the CEO and Founder of the United Spiritual Council of Nations, she believes that all people must be honored for their innate wisdom. Her focus is to help each person begin the journey and to recognize the wisdom of connections with the spirit realm to enhances our vision and show a continuous life-flow from one realm to the other.  Mahala is known for her Teachings and Speaking Engagements and Mediumship. She is recognized internationally as an Advisor, Psychic Medium, and Paranormal Researcher. A consultant here and abroad for private and public business firms as well as a personal specialist. 

As a Medium and Paranormal Researcher Mahala has brought thought-increasing concepts to the world of paranormal studies and phenomena. Being a Psychic Medium and Paranormal Researcher over the last four decades she has been on the progressive edge of research and added mutual aid to traditional teachings.  Mahala has helped many with her ability to see future events and communicate with love ones on the Spirit Side. As she uses a practical down-to-earth approach she has earned an expansive and dedicated following.

As a teacher and a counselor, Mahala is involved in mystical paranormal studies and teaches the scientific and subjective theories that involve these studies. Her field of expertise is in Sacred Sciences (a study of mystical paranormal activities) and Spiritual Energetics. Her consultations are strictly by appointments, and she offers public classes that can be Skyped. 

Being one of the country’s leading and foremost Psychic Mediums and Paranormal Consultants, this has led to tours through the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Mahala appears on TV programing and Satellite Radio.

Her life’s passion is teaching people the power within. That mission has been channeled as a pastor, teacher, Speaker and Medium, which enables her to bring comfort and hope to people. She utilizes the teachings of Eastern Mysticism and blends those teachings with the traditional Spiritual Teachings to show us a way of living life fully. Applying a blend of these concepts into today’s living helps us stay centered and focused in our modern world.  Spiritual concepts enables enhance living. As each of us learn and come to realize, that knowing our self is where power lies. Through education we expand awareness. By uniting the thread that connects our innate wisdom (heart) with physical intelligence, (head) we find our wholeness and realize we are complete. 

As we align ourselves with the power of the universe we learn that the universe speaks to our spirit. “Emotions are Simply the Voice of the Spirit.” 

Mahala’s Paranormal and Mediumship work includes private and group sessions, séances, and public works. She is consultant, Specialist in communication, and a Medium for the paranormal groups “SNAPIT” (Super Natural and Paranormal Investigation Team,) and  “HOP” (Hands on Paranormal) both based in Chicago. 

Mahala is member and the President for the (“ISA”) Independent Spiritualist Association of America. She serves upon request the National Council for Geocosmic Research organization. Mahala affiliates with Paranormal research groups and offers seances through her affiliates. You may contact her for private consultations, groups parties, speaking engagements. Her private schedule is strictly by appointments only and you may reach her below at:  

Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D. 

5130 W. 25th Street Cicero, Illinois 60804

Email: Website: 

Phone: (708) 652-5113 (and available for texts) Facebook - Mahala5130  


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