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The Making of a Prophecy

The Making of a Prophecy 

What is prophecy? Prophecy is the proclamation of a message revealed through intuition or a knowing through which the sprit uses. Generally suited to the specific needs of the moment. 

Wisdom is a gift, but so are the quiet hints, or the disquieting shouts. In our drive to measure, quantify, and make certain, we mistake mere knowledge for wisdom, and then lean so much on our own understanding that we dismiss the 'hints' that come from the same source as wisdom. 

Often our spiritual lives are in such disorder that we aren't listening anymore for the things that come from that Source. As we get our spiritual lives back in order, we can once again tune in to the signals.  The Spirit reveals to us what is true. When that happens through a person in a direct way, it is a part of what the Biblical authors meant by 'prophecy'.  Prophecy is something done within a context, the context of God's covenants with human beings, shown through the Words, Visions, Symbols, and etc. 

Prophecies and prophets are part of our tradition and history. Every culture, every age has lauded and feared, often secretly, THE PROPHETS and THEIR PROPHECIES. The secrets contained in ancient myths have been passed down through the story tellers, the medicine men and women, the dreamers, the wizards and soothsayers. Bearing witness, then saying what was seen, whether about current events, trends, or the future is at the root of our growth and evolution as a species.

WHAT I DO TO MAKE A PROPHECY - My prophecies are not a hodgepodge of ideas and thought that are put together quickly. I take lots of time and it requires lots of thought. Because I am human I get things twisted and wrong, but I do my best to be a clear vessel and give clear information. Sometimes I read things and just know that that person or group of people are on tract, and other times I just know this is not right; just craziness to get the people’s emotion going.  When the spirit gives something to you, it may not be the easiest to reveal but it will have some sort of peaceful quality that you can convey with your prophecy or reading that you are doing. Talking about finance, healthcare or just about any issue at this time is difficult because change usually have a lot of chaos that comes with it, and we as a whole are frighten of change, but somehow or another a quality of things being OKAY will come across with the spirit directing you.  


I make sure I am well educated on the topic’s I am talking about. I try to read and listen to all points of views. I examine my feelings and thoughts on all these things. I capture any pictures that come into my head, feelings and thoughts and I go over each point one by one.  I write them down at the time I get them. Mental notes are okay but we tend to forget them, and alter the things we recall with our own slant and point of views. I collect notes that I have written down throughout the year and use them. Quiet time is essential for gathering thoughts and ideas. If you have something pressing on your mind you will need to take care of it because you will have that in the background of your head and you are not dedicating your full time, and HEART to the Christos Conscience’s of your message that spirit wants you to reveal. 

I try not to go off into the deep end of things. If I lose the respect of the people, why would they want to hear what I have to say… Remember the spirit of God will never make you look foolish!!! So if someone is looking foolish or weird, question what spirit the person is following. There are times that I talk about subjects that are not what most would consider normal or possible. When I do that I try to collect scientific and credible credentials to back up where my talk is coming from, so the people do not feel I am just rambling and being senseless. 

Remember using credible credentials is always a plus. The spirit world and the physical world are designed to work together and thru each other. Most people somehow know this in their being and tend to look for grounding or a point of focus to receive the spiritual message.  Many times and usually almost always, I try to present myself as practical with spiritual insights into problems and situations. People don’t realize that in normal conversation everyday day and all time they are getting a message. They are looking for the grand stand fireworks and yet life is lived one day at a time and one decision at a time. That is where the true message is. If the spirit is working through you and you are not the one trying to be profound and looking special, then you will be helping individuals, groups, or nations, to build a firm foundation that they will be able to stand on during difficult times. It helps people to trust in their path as they go through turbulent times. Grand stand proclamations offer no secure foundation for the individual to build on; and as a result they soon get lost and twisted in the fanfare.  A firm foundation is important factor. Prophecy and problem solving is not always something that bring wonderful insight to you. It is the quiet way.  

The great spiritual teachers of today walk among men and women speaking their truth without being offensive and judgmental.  Most of them travel their path inconspicuous and do the daily things that all men do.  As a result others will come back to that one who is a peaceful and carries a wise vibration because of the feeling they get within themselves just by being with that person. 

When they leave they feel better and brighter because the spirit has worked through them.  

This is the path as students of the spirit we are striving for. Serve mankind in loving and efficient ways that other can accept and believe it. It is the way of the spirit of God.   

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