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Rev. Donna Fischer, Associate Minister


The Rev. Donna Fischer is the Co-Founder of the United Spiritual Council of Nations and the Vice-President of the Evangelical Spiritual Church in Chicago-Cicero, Illinois. 

Donna as the co-founder of the United Spiritual Council of Nations and designer of many programs offer insights and practical applications to all the behind the seen workings .  She holds the office of Vice-President in the USCN and carries out duties and tasks that enables the programs to unfold effortlessly.  

Donna also holds the position of Secretary, in the church and is the Associate Minister since the passing of Rev. Hilborn in 1997. 

Donna also holds the office of Treasurer of the Independent Spiritualist Association of the United States of America.  This is a national organization through out America.  She is a certified healer through the ISA.

She is an intuitive and continues to follow the footsteps of her uncle, Rev. Hilborn as she does her service work in the church and community. Her ministry is far reaching to those who have afflictions that many of us do not understand.


She is a leader in the community for her help and service. She seems to always find time for everyone and offers peace to those who are troubled. 

Rev. Donna J. Fischer


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