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The scientific name for an aura is “bio-plasma field”, which is the electromagnetic field, or energy body, emitted by all living things. Kirlian photography has led the way into what is known as Aura Photography using Biometrics.   Please see below video for more information. (2 videos on this page)                       708.863.7190

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Separating Facts from Fictions in Aura photography and fields of Aura work

The scientific name for an aura is “bio-plasma field”

The scientific name for an aura is “bio-plasma field”, which is the electromagnetic field, or energy body, emitted by all living things. (In physics, plasma is the 4th state of matter comprised of streams of ionized particles.)  A person’s habitual thoughts, emotions, and health conditions radiate as energy into the bio-plasma field: over time, the energy forms colors, patterns, and vibrations that are very individualistic. This can literally reveal detailed information, such as emotions, fatigue, thinking patterns, personality traits, character traits, and health states. Scientists have proven the existence of the aura can be seen with a special type photography.

Kirlian Photography Kirlian (pronounced KEER-lee-an) photography has proven the existence of bio-plasma fields, or auras. Semyon Davidovich is credited with inventing the first photographs of auras in Krasnodar, Russia in 1939. Since then, scientific experiments throughout the world have proven the existence of bio-plasma fields. Scientists have found that organism’s aura reflects the general shape of its body. If a limb is amputated, the aura around the limb remains for a long time, as if the limb were still there. This may account for how some clairvoyants are able to find aura dead bodies by attuning to the body’s residual aura. This technology has led the way into what is known as Aura Photography.

Aura Photography Aura photography has increased in popularity among the Spiritual, Medical, and Paranormal communities. The most accurate type involves putting your hand on a sensor plate as the photo is taken. This photography measures the heat from your hand and uses a computer program to incorporate the heat as an overlay onto the image. An overlay technique common to medical doctors used for imaging. 

                                 Frequently Asked Questions

How does an aura relate to telepathy? There is scientific evidence that the aura transports telepathy from one person to another, and that the telepathic message is first received by the aura before entering the brain. People can pick up subconscious messages telepathically, and those changes are reflected in their aura, even if they have no conscious awareness of any message. Because the aura has such a profound influence on the body, healing the aura can aid in curing disease. Kirlian photography has supported this belief.

Can entities like evil spirits or ghosts attach themselves to my aura? Yes it can happen. Kirlian photos have shown the presence of dark areas in an aura, and I have seen dark entities attached to clients occasionally but it’s not the norm. Usually these entities are parasitic in nature and they drain the energy of the person and more often than not use the person as a battery. 

Can orbs be attached to my aura? Yes. Often Kirlian and regular photographs have shown the presence of orbs in auras as well. Many clairvoyants believe that orbs are usually the energy of loved ones who have passed on. It is important to remember that we all attract to ourselves what we think about; therefore, if we have positive loving thoughts, we will attract positive and loving entities.

How can I see my own aura? I suggest lying in bed in a dim room. Low lighting or early morning light is perfect. Hold your arm near your face and squint your eyes. You will probably see a faint white outline appearing near your skin. That is the first layer of your aura. You may see it better from the periphery of your vision than the center of your vision.

What do clairvoyants see when they see auras? Most see layers of colors in a patterns that overlay each other. Auras radiate outward from a person’s body in bands of colors, and form a 3-D, egg-shape around the person. The size of each band, the order of colors, how the colors overlap, the size of the aura, and how it all vibrates tells a great deal about the person.

Do auras vibrate? Yes. The vibration tells about the person’s thinking processes, stress levels, and physical and mental health. For example, people who meditate regularly have a slower rate of vibration in their auras. When there are different vibratory rates on the right and left sides of the body, usually indicate to me that their right and left brains are not synchronized.

How large are auras? In young infants, auras are usually only about 6 inches out from the body. As children mature and their thinking processes and personalities become more defined, they add colors to their auras. Most adults have an aura about 2 feet wide.  Some more spiritually- evolved or strong personalities have auras that are 5-6 feet wide. The aura of holy figures— can be 30 feet wide.

                                           Common Aura Colors

White: White is always the first band emitting outward from the body. It indicates only that energy is moving through the system. Everyone living, the very recently dead, and electrical objects have white.

Green: This is usually the second band and indicates the state of health and overall energy level. Animals and plants have green. After this band, the order of colors changes according to each person, and whether or not they are right or left brain dominant.
Yellow: Indicates intelligence, logic, degree of mathematical ability, left-brain thinking, as well as cheerfulness. Some more intelligent animals (especially those that interact with humans, such as dogs, parrots, and horses) have yellow.
Blue: Various shades of blue indicate intelligence, right-brain thinking, linguistic ability, psychic ability, spirituality and creativity. A few animals (especially cats) have blue. Intelligent working dogs (such as canine cops) have yellow and blue.
Orange: Indicates youthfulness, a fun-loving nature, and love of children.
Pink: Indicates love; light pink indicates a love of life and children, and deeper, more lavender shades of pink indicate spiritual love.
Red: Indicates sexual health, sexuality, procreation, and is very common in pregnant women. Combined with other colors, it can also indicate passion and anger. Some animals have red.
Brown: Indicates very poor health over a long period of time, and is also present with mental illness. Aura colors that are messy and overlap a great deal also indicate a mental illness.
Purple: Purple or indigo indicates a spiritually advanced person with psychic ability. This color is rare and indicates an older soul.
Turquoise: Indicates an intelligent, creative, peaceful, and tolerant person who values fun and doesn't take life too seriously. People who meditate often have this color, which is rare.
Gold: Indicates a spiritual connection with God or Source. This color is very rare.


Color Puncture (Healing with Light and Color)

 Scientists Know that not only do we emit light, we have the ability to effect it with our thoughts alone.   They also have the ability to prove that our intentions have an influence on light itself! 

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