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Through Youth’s Eyes

Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D

THROUGH YOUTHS’ EYES: a new youth group is in town.

A Progressive Spiritual Network - (Letter to the parents)

This group is designed to add mutual aid to traditional teachings in understanding that Spirituality is also a process of the universe. Finding ourselves within this process, is the Spiritual link of connecting with a greater consciousness we call God. 

The purpose of THROUGH YOUTHS' EYES is to help our young people by participating along with them in their visions of who they are and what they want. Even though the world belongs to them, we still have a responsibility to them… They are the future. 

We, as their elders are shaping the platform, which will be the springboard in which, their lives will take shape. We are already participating in their future. 

They have a voice and we need to HEAR that voice. We can be a partner with them. For the ideals, and the understanding which they bring to their future, have roots in your love.  Our youth yearns and strives for visions that only they are permitted to see, because it is their world. Those visions and ideals need to be rooted in equality, compassion, respect, and above all love for each other. 

They cannot choose all the changes nor will they be able to predict all the challenges ahead of them.  Our job is to teach by living the virtues and strength, to meet any challenges that come to uproot their foundation. 

The roots of equality, compassion, respect, and love can be depended on. This is our gift to their forward movement.

All parents are encouraged to join me in this new progressive network with our youth and help create the future of our world. 

Be the Change You Want To See,

Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D.

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