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5130 W 25th St.

Chicago-Cicero, IL.

United Spiritual Council Of Nations


Evangelical Spiritual Church Leading the Way

Services Sunday Morning at 11:00 a.m.

Classes Sunday and Monday at 7:00 pm 

Scheduled Luncheons and Activities

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Mahala's Schedule - International Evidential Celebrity Medium

Mahala's Schedule - for more information


August 20th - August 30th 

 Nashville / Clarksville, Tennessee, Kentucky,

North Carolina, & Tallahassee, Florida

Evidential Mediumship/Intuitive Readings by Mahala

 Aura Biometric photography and Astrology readings and

printed reports available

September 7th  Parapalooza ll - Aura Readings & a Séance - Justice Illinois

September 8th Gaelic Park - Oak Forest Illinois - Tea leaves readings

September 13-15 Highland Michigan, Quarterly -Readings, Workshops, Worship Services. Aura and Astrology Charts and consultation

September 21st Bridgeview Park District - Unknown World

September 27  ‐ Private Seance -  Chicagoland area

September 28th Readings - Church of the Spirit - Chicago

October 5th Chicago-Cicero Spirit Fest starting at Noon. 

October 8 - 12 South Carolina 

Regular activities of the USCN

Every Sunday morning - Church 11:00 a.m. Available on Messenger Video Group

Weekly Sunday Evening - Class, Essence of Spirituality Unflodment Class

Weekly Monday Evening - Class, Essence of Spirituality Unfoldment Class

First Sunday of the New Year - Burning of the Wishes and Reading from the Flame

Second Sunday of the New Year - The Reading of the New Years Prophecy

Spanish Services -Tuesday, Thursday, And Saturday Evening 7:00p.m. 

Paranormal Conferences, investigations, Workshops and Seances  

Seasonal - Special Classes. Available on Messenger Video Group 

We are a USCN, ISA, and ATR Teaching Certified Facility

No Addict Need Ever Die (N/A sanctioned) Meetings daily and Special Activities

We partner with World Vision of Chicago. If you are in need or know someone in need please let us know below with the contact form. 

We partner up with USagain Donations.  We have a Donation bin in our parking lot for your use. With every full bin there is a tree planted. Passing it all forward

3D Aura Biometrics printouts, and Astrology charts available, and consultations  

Many of our workshops, and classes are available on video messenger or Skype

Coming soon live streaming

Regular Hours of the USCN is 9 a.m. to 

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Weekly Schedule


Sunday Morning at 11 am

 Worship Service

Unfoldment Workshops and Evening Classes available


Hispanic Servicios

La Ceremonia Religiosa

Martes,  Jueves, and Sabado 

7 pm

Special Events and Programs, 

Educational Classes & Guest Dignitaries 

Pastor Salvador Opinsa

Essence of Spirituality

Classes and Workshops offered   

Sunday and Monday evening       at 7 p.m.  

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It's A Sign - Astrological Insights

Astrology is revered for its insights into our personal destiny and our individual soul’s growth. It has been infused into every culture in history.  The personal application of astrology gives us insight into our deepest desires and destiny. 

Private Consultations Available

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The Key of Light (Aura Biometrics)

Aura Photo's and Readings 

Using 3 D interactive videos and biometric technics,

Aura Photo with detailed imaging and printed results 

Also offering Healing Aura, and Pet Aura imaging and printed results.

More on Aura Biometrics - see videos

What the USCN Offers

Essence of Spirituality

Mahala D. Bacon, Th. D., 

renowned Teacher and a Leader sharing Spiritual Concepts.

Classes are ongoing and will guide you through unlocking your own mysteries.  As a result outdated concepts and beliefs will fall away.

As teacher and being involved in mystical studies I  support and teach the scientific and subjective theories that encompass these programs.

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Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D

 International Evidential Celebrity  Medium


Readings intuitively connects with your spirit energy and covers multiple aspects of your life. That can involve your inter-personal relationships, career, finances, health and more.  It restores faith in the continuity of life, and gives clarity of vision to others.

For Readings and Private groups call 708.652.5113

Paranormal Research

Where Science 


Spirituality meet

It is not science vs. spirituality. It's recognizing that each process explains things that the other cannot. There is a place both can be valued. I invite you to marry Science and Spirituality 

for a more meaningful understanding of ourselves and the worlds around us.

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Requests or questions regarding readings or special events, please send me a message. 

I will get back to you soon.  Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D

Private appointments are strictly by appointments only

United Spiritual Council of Nations

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If there is not an activity you are attending, please call or make an appointment.

Connecting the world through spirituality

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